NRG Services Inc. was founded in 1995 by Thomas Thomson (Civil Engineer) and James Barnaby (First Class Engineer and Master Pipe Fitter). Under their leadership the company grew, flourished, and developed an enviable reputation for safety and reliability in particularly challenging industries (e.g., pharmaceutical, health care, power generation, & food/beverage).

The founders sold the business in 2018 to a private diversified investment firm, Southern Spear Inc (SSI) based in Winston Salem, North Carolina (NC). NRG Services LLC operates today as a wholly owned limited liability corporation. SSI has infused capital, provided leadership and critical infrastructure which, coupled with the solid foundation built by the founders, has resulted in increased technical depth, accelerated growth, and geographic expansion.

Today NRG is the largest provider of Massachusetts (MA) licensed operators and chief engineers in the Commonwealth employing close to 200 staff and one of two SSI boiler companies located in the northeast. SSI acquired Superior Environmental Equipment Corporation and Central Boiler Repair in the fall of 2020.  The combined entity is now Superior Central Boiler (SCB) and is similar in size, experience and capability to NRG and has been serving the high-pressure steam and utility industry in New Jersey (NJ) for 70 years.

This combination of boiler operations expertise, repair and maintenance capability and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) product reach bring a turnkey solution to customers looking for safe, compliant, and efficient operation and maintenance of their high value utility equipment and accessories.


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