SEEC Receives Purchase Order for Essex County Hall of Records New Heating Plant Boilers

Hazlet, NJ 6/20/2012  Superior Central Boiler, a leading supplier of Boilers and Burners in the New Jersey Area, was awarded the order to supply the new boilers for the Essex County Courthouse in Newark, NJ.  The new boilers are part of a heating plant upgrade that was planned for this year.  The order was for two (2) 600 HP Superior Boiler Works High Pressure Steam Boilers with Webster Engineering Low Emissions Burners.  The boilers will be delivered later this summer and are being installed by DeSesa Engineering of Livingston, NJ.  Superior Boiler Works was the basis of design.  Todd Miller, VP of SEEC worked on the specifications with PS&S Consulting Engineers who designed the project for Essex County.