Low Emissions Burner

Low Emissions Burner

The production of a low emissions burner aims to maximize combustion benefits while minimizing the emissions’ threatening pollutants.  This objective is a huge technical challenge considering how combustion is being widely used in electric power production, industrial processes, space and water heating, material synthesis, and transportation.

How Does It Work

A low emissions burner is designed to regulate air and fuel mixing at each burner to be able to produce larger and more branched flames.  This process decreases the peak flame temperature resulting to lesser emissions.  Not only that, it also improves burner efficiency because it lessens the quantity of oxygen present in the hottest part of the flame.

ThreatsIn Using Burners With High NOx Emissions

  • Soiling and deterioration of materials
  • Sickness to humans
  • Water quality deterioration
  • Acidic rain formation
  • Plant life or vegetation deterioration
  • Global warming

What Is Achieved When Low Emissions Burner Is At Work

  • Combustion

In the first stage, combustion happens in a fuel-rich, yet short oxygen zone where NOx or nitrogen exists

  • Reduction

The reducing stage happens when hydrocarbons are formed and react with the NOx that is already in the zone

  • Burnout

The final stage completes the combustion by internal air staging

The Benefits

  • Energy consumption is reduced
  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Environment-friendly

Using burners with low emissions can also be combined with other chief low emissions procedure such as flue gas recirculation or re-burning, and over-fire air.  It has been observed that when it is combined with these other measures, plant experience shows an achievement of up to 74% efficiency in NOx removal.  This is why creatingalow emissions burner has become widely popular and is being used in a lot of applications like for automotives, building materials, food processing, printing, textiles, etc.  Developmental work never ceases in order to enhance the design of these burners, as well as for improvement of its performance.